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Get to Know Us

StartUp Connect is India’s first integrated Startup ecosystem helping founders bring their vision to life.

We provide passionate entrepreneurs the mentorship, guidance, funding access they need to grow their startups into strong, scalable & successful companies.

Startup Connect, as the name suggests connects startups, mentors, corporations, and communities to grow and transform businesses and economies. Our unique execution focussed model allows us to accelerate high-impact startups with bold, disruptive ideas from non-traditional backgrounds.



How We Work

Startup Connect follows a strict and rigorous onboarding process. Once, selected and onboarded, the startup (based on its stage) is put through a tailored Incubation program, an Intense Program with one key focus: to help ambitious founders shake-up industries.

Based on the progress of the startup, we efficiently tap into the network of over of 1000+ Angel investors, 100+ Mentors, 100+ CXOs, 25+ Institutions, VCs and family offices including our partner International Fund Managers.


Traditional classroom-style accelerator programs spend virtually no time teaching founders how to quickly and effectively raise capital. The average fundraising round for startups takes about 12 months or more, with only 4% of companies being successful.

The Startup Connect Accelerator, on average, cuts fundraising time in half and 70% of our graduates are able to successfully raise capital.

Below you’ll find what you’ll be learning based on your company stage and program: 

We Help Ambitious Founders Scale

We turn potential into performance through our tailor-made programs to support entrepreneurs in varying stages of growth.


Hybrid program for early-stage entrepreneurs to learn the foundation of entrepreneurship and develop their business into a concrete business with an MVP (Minimum Viable Product).


Hybrid program for startups with a MVP and an existing base of first users to validate their business model.


Programs for acceleration-ready ventures to scale their operations and get investment ready.

Funding Ready

Hybrid program for startups with an MVP and an existing base of first users to validate their business model.

Expansion Program

This is designed for companies that have already been through the scale-up program, or have already progressed beyond the acceleration stage. 


Resilience Program

The Resilience Program is designed to support companies in crisis management and providing them with the survival framework, access to extensive partner and investor network.

We are founder first.

Our accelerators are tailored to suit you.

Modes of Engagment

There are 3 unique and exclusive modes of engagement based on the selection of startups.

Co-Create Model

This is an Equity based mentorship model through which the selected startup is supported for business growth, global expansion and fund raise. This is for startups at Pre-Series A stage.

Coach and Grow Model

This is a monthly retainer based model with clear deliverables on business growth strategy and fund raise advisory. This is mainly for startups with a MVP (Pre-Seed, Seed and Pre-series A Startups)

Funding Advisory Model

1. Early and Growth Stage Ventures looking to raise Seed, Pre-Series A to Series D funding
2. Follow on round of funding for Portfolios of - HNIs, Angel Network, VC, Family office, Institutions and Corporates
3. M&A, Takeover & Buyout of Startups by Corporates and Strategic Investors
4. Handholding, Fundraise for Portfolios of – Accelerators and Incubators

Program Formats

VIRTUAL - The programs can be conducted fully virtually and allow the founders to stay close to their team and clients.

ONSITE – Centres with a critical mass of potential program participants, an onsite program can be conducted.

HYBRID - Hybrid programs benefit from the best of both formats with short, intense onsite bootcamps complimenting the virtual learning and mentoring.

Program Methodology

All programs are structured around 1:1 mentoring aimed at tailored support, while formats include weekly workshops, bootcamps, KPI sessions, social activities, webinars etc.







The StartUp Connect Ecosystem

Startup Connect community is made of many essential stakeholders, however the four most essential are what we consider our pillar roles. If you don’t feel you fit in one of these roles, that’s okay! You can learn more about additional ways to join the network here.


In-House Capabilities: The Core of StartUp Connect

To provide cost-effective and trustworthy BUSINESS SUPPORT SERVICES to all EARLY STAGE BUSINESSES and through their journey beyond, StartUp Connect has  created in-house capabilities comprising of 240+ experts in the below mentioned domains:

1. Technology Development

2. Data Analytics

3. Cloud Infrastructure

4. Cyber-security

5. Compliance, Trademark and Patent filing

6. Finance and Accounts

7. Cyber-security

8. Branding, Digital Marketing and Sales

9. Learning and Development

10. HR and recruitment

11. Legal 

12. Procurement

and more.....


StartUp Connect works along with The GAIN. The GAIN since 2018 has successfully supported over 50+ startups with its unique offering of an Accelerator supported by the VC platform – StartupXseed. Major USP being connecting the startups to global markets through its well-established partner network across 13+ countries.


The GAIN’s focus:

  • Accelerating Growth through Mentoring and VC connects

  • Global Market Access and Business Partnerships

  • Cross Border business innovation through Global connects


We support the world’s most ambitious and dedicated entrepreneurs. Through our partner Fund Houses we invest into category-defining companies in emerging markets.


Startup Connect Capital (in-process) is a dedicated Alternative Investment platform for Startup Connect incubated companies.


Startup Connect also has a strong network of 1000+ Angel investors, 25+ Institutions and family offices as well as International Fund Managers.

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