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Fists in Solidarity


Startup Connect Network

The Startup Connect community is made of many essential stakeholders, however the four most essential are what we consider our pillar roles. If you don’t feel you fit in one of these roles, that’s okay! You can learn more about additional ways to join the network here.

Source. Scale. Grow.

Startup Connect helps corporate partners scale.


Our dedicated ‘Partner Success’ team works in lockstep with partners to empower them to maximize the benefit of the Startup Connect National and Global Network. 


At a high level, Startup Connect provides:

  • Access: Introductions to vetted high-growth, high-impact startups across industries.

  • Engagement: Opportunities to engage across the ecosystem to achieve innovation technology and talent goals.

  • Expertise: Renowned capabilities and global footprint to extend the capabilities of corporate teams.

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