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We Believe In Entrepreneurs


Providing you with all of the tools and skills necessary to fund, build, and scale. 

The average fundraising round for startups takes 12 months or more, with about 3% of companies being successful.

The StartUp Connect Accelerator program, on average, cuts fundraising time in half and almost all our incubated companies are successful to raise capital and access market faster. 

StartUp Connect is DOMAIN AGNOSTIC. All programs of StartUp Connect lead to DEMO DAYS, where we get to evaluate the start-ups and also support them for scale-up and fund-raise.


1. Mentor Connect

2. Investor Connect 

3. Industry Connect

4. Domestic Market Access 

5. International Market Access

6. Community Access - An online community of like minded founders, investors, and mentors to learn from and build your network.

4 Simple Steps:

1. Complete the Registration form carefully

2. Pay the Registration Fees to register (We want serious StartUps ONLY)

3. Appear for the Selection screening

4. Join the Community

Application Process:

1. Please allow 3 business days for us to review your initial application.
2. If you make it past the first round, we will reach out to schedule an interview.
3. If you pass the interview, our investment committee will make a final determination.
4. If accepted, we'll be in touch within 3-6
 business days with your acceptance invitation.
*Completion Time- This app takes 10-15 minutes to complete and can be saved to finish later by clicking save.


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